JeffCo Open Space Considering Purchase of Douglas Mountain

JeffCo Open Space is considering purchasing 964 acres surrounding Douglas Mountain to create a new open space park.  Additional information is found on JeffCo Open Space page.

Unfortunately, the Golden Gate Fire Protection District has not been contacted nor a part of the community outreach process that ends October 29, 2014.  The District will be responsible for providing emergency services should this area become a park, including fire fighting, medical, and search and rescue.

Current access points being discussed for trailheads are from Robinson Hill Rd and Golden Gate Canyon Rd.

Please take a few minutes and complete a brief survey to provide your input on this proposal –

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One thought on “JeffCo Open Space Considering Purchase of Douglas Mountain

  1. Michael Czyzewski

    The access off upper Robinson Hill Rd would be extremely problematic as the roadway is not wide enough to support additional traffic and the land accessed in the open space area would be of minimal use.

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