Monthly Archives: November 2016

Fire Chief’s Corner


Golden Gate Firefighters are honored to serve the community with well trained emergency responders.

We would like to remind everyone thaimg_0279t wildfire season is still underway and the county is currently under a fire ban.  Research from post fire analysis from across the country has proven that defensible space is effective in reducing the risk of home ignition.  Creating defensible space and keeping your driveways accessible allows firefighters to access the area and provides for firefighter safety.  Keep up the good work in removing fuels away from your homes and the ongoing efforts of the Firewise community.

A second reminder is to change your batteries in your smoke detectors.  Each time we need to set our clocks to day light saving we should also change the batteries in the smoke detectors.  Smoke detectors save lives.

As always, thank you for supporting the volunteer firefighters of Golden Gate so that we can protect our community.

Fire Chief Doug Cupp