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Fire Chief Job Opening – Applications Due March 31

The Golden Gate Fire Protection District is currently accepting applications for a part-time fire chief.  Please submit a cover letter and resume to





This position description is established by the Board of Directors (“Board”) of the Golden Gate Fire Protection District (“District”) to outline the basic requirements, duties and general responsibilities of the position of Fire Chief.  This position is “at-will,” which means the Board may terminate the employment relationship at any time and for no reason, subject only to the requirements of Federal and State law.  Similarly, the employee may terminate the employment relationship without notice at any time for no reason

 Position Summary

The Fire Chief is the District’s Chief Executive Officer and Commander in Chief.  The Fire Chief is responsible for enforcing the rules, policies and procedures adopted by the District Board, and for carrying out the duties and responsibilities with the authority given a Fire Chief by Colorado Revised Statutes.  The Fire Chief is responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day administration and operation of the District.

Immediate Supervisor

The Fire Chief serves under the direction and guidance of the District Board.

Supervisory Authority

The Fire Chief is responsible for the supervision of all Department volunteers and employees, directly and through subordinate supervisors.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

In addition to the authority granted by the Colorado Revised Statutes, the Fire Chief shall:


  1. Strive to personally fulfill and create a culture focused on the mission of the Golden Gate Fire Protection District;
  2. Be responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day administration and operation of the District;
  3. Develop rules and procedures necessary to implement and enforce the policies, procedures, and codes adopted by the District Board or required by Colorado Revised Statutes;
  4. Promote a culture of excellence to serve the Golden Gate Canyon community with fire, medical, and emergency services;
  5. Assist the Board of Directors to develop, implement, and evaluate of all aspects of fire suppression, prevention, emergency rescue and medical services, hazardous materials response and ambulance services provided by the District or third parties;
  6. Provide recommendations to the Board to improve service and value to the community;
  7. Coordinate intergovernmental agreements with other agencies and districts. Develop and maintain positive, effective working relationships with District employees and volunteers, other emergency services agencies, other governmental agencies and the community;
  8. Consistently promote a professional image of the District at all times;
  9. Attend Board meetings and prepare regular or special reports for the Board; and,
  10. Represent the district at meetings, conferences and trainings that may require travel and overnight lodging, when possible. Attendance at the Jefferson County Fire Council is required.


  1. Provide leadership and maintain high expectations and standards for District personnel;
  2. Lead, recruit, retain, organize, and supervise District personnel;
  3. Delegate duties and responsibilities to ensure the efficient operation of the District to meet the needs of the community;
  4. Provide training that meets or exceeds the requirements and needs of District personnel; and,
  5. Verify pension and LOSAP eligibility and records on an annual basis.


  1. Command fire ground and emergency operations; and,
  2. Ensure that District operations meet or exceed standards imposed by Federal or State law, regulation or code.

Equipment and Facilities

  1. Be accountable for all District property and ensuring equipment is maintained and in a high state of readiness; and,
  2. Be responsible for the purchase, sale, upgrade, usage, maintenance and security of District property in accordance with Board policy and the approved budget.

Administration and Finance

  1. Assist in developing budgets for the District each year;
  2. Assist the Board in identifying and procuring grants to fund District needs;
  3. Ensure the records of the District are properly organized and maintained; and
  4. Respond to information requests and District concerns in a prompt and professional manner.

Mandatory Qualifications and Requirements

  1. Possess and maintain a valid State of Colorado driver’s license, and maintain an acceptable motor vehicle driving record.
  1. Possess and maintain a Firefighter I or greater certification.
  1. Possess and maintain CPR certification and First Responder
  1. Possess and maintain Basic Wildland certification.
  1. Incident Command Certification (200 or equivalent).
  1. Obtain continuing education and training as necessary to perform the duties of the position.
  1. Pass an annual fitness test.

Working Environment/Physical Requirements

This position requires work in a variety of locations and conditions, including living quarters and office areas, in and around a wide variety of automotive, mechanical, chemical and medical equipment or supplies, and emergency scenes of every type.

  1. A substantial portion of this position will involve sedentary, administrative work in an office environment; however, in the event of an emergency incident, the Fire Chief may supervise fire ground activities at the emergency incident and/or perform other duties at an emergency incident;
  2. Strenuous physical activity under extreme adverse conditions may be required periodically;
  3. Must possess the ability to lift items in excess of one hundred fifty (150) pounds occasionally and up to sixty (60) pounds frequently;
  4. Will be required to work in all weather conditions and in extreme temperatures below twenty degrees (20 degrees) Fahrenheit and in excess of one hundred degrees (100 degrees) Fahrenheit;
  5. Work may be performed under hazardous and adverse conditions, including but not limited to, weakened structures, slippery and uneven surfaces, proximity to moving mechanical equipment, burning structures, broken glass or other materials, electrical currents, high places, and confined spaces;
  6. Work may result in exposure to contaminated environments, including but not limited to, hazardous materials, smoke, gases, chemicals, fumes, odors, mists and dusts;
  7. Work may result in exposure to air or blood borne infectious diseases or illnesses, such as Hepatitis A, B or C, HIV, tuberculosis, small pox, etc.;
  8. Work may result in exposure to high noise levels requiring the wearing of hearing protection;
  9. This position requires the ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language at a level adequate to perform the job; and,
  10. This position will involve periods of high physical, mental and/or emotional stress.

Special Tools and Equipment

Must have demonstrated skill in the proper operation of Fire District apparatus, vehicles, equipment, computers, and emergency radio equipment.